What is the Student Membership?

The Student Membership gives access to all our courses. You will be able to connect with every teacher across the school and find who are the ones to accompany you on this current step of your journey with medicine music.

If you are a complete beginner, we have a 4-week course included to develop your voice and guitar skills before/as you explore our library of songs.

We feel very proud of the group of teachers we have teamed up with and we are proud to be able to share this beautiful music with people around the world.

The monthly membership is a great way to explore the school, identify songs or exercises you'd like to practice, learn more about the artists, and see how much time you have, to dedicate to studying music, get a feel of how it fits in with your life.

You can choose for how short or long you learn with us, when to take a break and when to resume your studies.

Join our school, we have something very special to share, you will enjoy it.


It takes years to assemble a repertoire of medicine songs, and often, these songs are only shared from one person to another in intimate spaces.

We are very pleased to facilitate the connection between the artists and everybody around the world who resonates with the message of love, the message of hope, the message of life that this music carries. The understanding that the real ceremony is every day life.

This school is a labour of love and we hope that you really enjoy yourself every moment being part of our music family, may it bring lots of inspiration, joy and excitement to you.


Thank you for your visit!